Screencast Videos

Agile Author

Each xPert Application is delivered with a standard set of protocols. These sets of protocols are easily modified and deployed using mTuitive's Agile Author to achieve site specific objectives.

Pete O'Toole, mTuitive's CTO, gives a tour of the Agile Author showing how protocols are modified or developed from scratch.

xPert for Pathology + Sunquest CoPath

A demonstration of how a pathologist will use Sunquest's CoPath 2.5 and mTuitive's xPert for pathology application to complete a synoptic report.

xPert for Gross Pathology

A demonstration of xPert for Gross Pathology. Speech control powered by Dragon NaturallySpeaking.


Demonstration of the speed of OpNote. From sign in to sign out in less than a minute. Default reports allow physicians to get through their reporting easily and without any mistakes.