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Custom Synoptic Reporting

Sometimes people are looking for synoptic reporting solutions - or a need to collect structured data - and they don't know how to go about creating it. That's where mTuitive comes in. Combining your expertise in the domain with our experience at crafting efficient software applications, we create intuitive reporting solutions that will work best within your particular workflow.

We've worked with domain experts to create solutions in many fields, including:

  • TNM Staging
  • Molecular Diagnostics
  • Murine Pathology
  • Radiology
  • ...and more!

Our Process

Human Factors

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Our Human Factors Division speaks with you about your desired goals - what it is you want to capture and report on and to what end. We examine your current workflow and methods to better understand how to incorporate any new processes into your daily routine.

User Interfaces

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Part of the discussion will center on which of our many User Interfaces you would like to utilize in your application - or if an entirely new one is needed to meet your needs. We're familiar with applications that are web-based, utilize touchscreen monitors and/or speech control.

Knowledge Engineering Team

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Next our Knowledge Engineering Team begins to work on turning your knowledge into the software solution, seamlessly integrating it into your workflow and ensuring that all of the information you need to collect, track or codify is included in the report in the most efficient way possible.

Agile Author

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One of our tools for creating unique reports specific to your needs and interests is the Agile Author, mTuitive's software application that creates dynamic synoptic reports that capture structured data.

Human Factors

mTuitive's Human Factors Division provides design and analysis services to address usability concerns for products and processes. We know that successful software and products must help users achieve their goals in the most simple, efficient and intuitive way possible. We begin by gaining a thorough understanding of the users' goals, responsibilities and work environment.

We use tools like task analysis, interviewing potential and current users and contextual observation to do that. Once we know the users' needs and capabilities we use an iterative, design-test-redesign-retest development process that can include rapid user interface prototyping and usability testing to assess designs.

Services Offered:

Task Analysis

A thorough examination of the user's job including responsibilities, people and process dependencies, sub-tasks, timeline and deliverable products. Task analysis will generally include on-site interviews and direct observation of users and often of their customers and clients.

Services Offered:

User Interface Analysis

Specialist Review:

A human factors specialist reviews a product and provides design feedback and recommendations based on established principles.

Usability Testing:

A human factors specialist conducts interface testing with actual or representative users. Depending on the product and other requirements usability testing can be performed remotely over the Web, face-to-face at the customer site, or at mTuitive facilities.

Cognitive Workload Assessment:

User interfaces place various cognitive demands on the user while the user is carrying out a task. These demands are made of memory, attention, motor resources and visual resources among others. Cognitive workload analysis can identify processing demands that can lead to degraded performance because they stress or exceed people's capabilities. This assessment can influence user interface design to remove or anticipate human processing bottlenecks.

User Interfaces

The mTuitive xPert System was created to address any potential workflow. Different workflows and users require different user interfaces to function effectively and efficiently.

Dr. Mark Law, the original architect of the mTuitive xPert System, established our Human Factors division. They are responsible for ensuring your mTuitive solution addresses the specific set of problems in question and is done with minimal interruption to the user's workflow while eliminating inefficient processes and redundant tasks. The application user interface is central to this goal.

Any of the User Interfaces can be plugged into your xPert Application. Each of them maintain and achieve the objectives of capturing structured data, eliminating costs and delays of transcription, and helping to improve standardization and quality control. Visit each of the links below to learn more about each of the user interfaces available.

xPert Client

xPert Client is the perfect solution for users who consistently input similar data on their computer. Built for speed and usability, xPert Client is tailored to the specifations of the user, in the hopes of maximizing the user's time while ensuring that all information is captured correctly.

mTuitive's xPert Client was designed with you in mind. Our Human Factors division utilized its background in Experimental Psychology and Technology to create the most efficient, intuitive and user friendly approach to developing applications for your institution.

mTuitive's xPert Client is the perfect solution for institutions consistently performing similar procedures and reporting functions. xPert Client simplifies the process, with an emphasis on speed and utilization, with user generated forms that take full advantage of the research and reference functions available.

xPert Client Screen Shot

To hasten the entry of data, and/or to accommodate the various preferences of our clients, xPert Client is enabled for speech, pen and handwriting recognition.

In designing the xPert Client, mTuitive took into account how clients wish their data to be displayed and how they want it to be entered. By doing so, we've created a solution that enables users to input information at a quick pace in a manner that is intuitive to them.

For more information about the xPert Client or to schedule a demonstration, please contact us.

xPert Browser Based

mTuitive's Browser Based user interface is designed for users who need to enter their information from a variety of locations. As long as the computer has an Internet connection and a web browser, you will have access to your application. Our Browser Based UI offers the same fast experience and complete data capture, while incorporating the liberty of being able to move between devices, locations, offices, and even institutions.

It combines the ergonomic functionality and efficient data capturing with the accessibility of a web browser to better respond to our clients' needs. Eliminating the need for transcription (and the accompanying cost), this is a simplified way for clients to effectively and quickly enter necessary information in to their systems.

xPert Browser Based Screen Shot

xPert Brower Based UI continues mTuitive's mission of providing fast data capture in the easiest way possible. Non-applicable selections are omitted to save screen space and to prevent users from being bogged down by unnecessary choices. The intent isn't just faster data capture, but better data capture.

For more information about mTuitive's Web Based Solution and how it can improve data capture at your institution, please contact us.

xPert Speech Control

Initially developed in conjunction with Massachusetts General Hospital for gross pathology, xPert Speech Control utilizes Dragon NaturallySpeaking to control the application. Fast and effective, this UI can operate hands free, requiring no mouse or keyboard. Structured templates help to eliminate common errors associated with speech recognition software. Because data is structured, transcription AND data abstraction costs can be virtually eliminated as well.

xPert Speech utilizes all of the efficient data capturing and compliance requirements found in mTuitive's other products and simplifies the process even further.

Powered by speech recognition, xPert Speech allows users to easily enter in their data quickly by saying it out loud. The costs and delays of transcription are eliminated, but the information gathered by this solution is still structured data that can be easily tracked, monitored and studied.

xPert Speech Control Screen Shot

This user interface accelerates the surgical pathologist's capturing of data in the grossing room, but the data is entered so it can be presented in a synoptic report. Surgeons may also wish to use this interface when inputting their post operative notes. xPert Speech supports Dragon NaturallySpeaking™ software and continues mTuitive's work of offering efficient solutions that eliminate costs, captures important information succinctly and hastens the process for users.

For more information on mTuitive's xPert Speech solution, please contact us.

Knowledge Engineering Services

mTuitive has a team of Knowledge Engineers who will work with your experts to create new templates geared at keeping your users in compliance with the institution's protocols.

Whether it be a simple tweak to the current protocols you have working in your xPert Application, or creating a completely new protocol from scratch, mTuitive can help you complete the task.

What is a Knowledge Engineer?

Knowledge engineers are experts at constructing meaningful, useful and simplistic protocols. mTuitive Knowledge Engineers break down the information passed on by their pathologists to create standard templates that comply with department quality reporting measures. (For more on knowledge engineering, visit its Wikipedia entry)

Development, Deployment and Management

Standards and protocols are always changing. Making sure your team always has the most up-to-date protocols and decision support materials can be a challenge. Our team manages communication with professional associations who set standards and will continually update your software to make sure you are in compliance without utilizing any of your IT resources.

If modifications need to be made immediately or on the fly, contact our Knolwedge Engineering team and they can make the modification and deploy it to all of your workstations immediately.


College of American Pathologists' Cancer Protocols

Each time the College of American Pathologists (CAP) releases a new modification to their standards, mTuitive is prepared to comply with that modification and deploy it immediately. Not only do we know all of the right questions to ask, but mTuitive was the first company to license the SNOMED CT encoded CAP Cancer Checklists.

Cancer Care Ontario Cancer Reporting Standards

mTuitive employs a Cancer Care Ontario (CCO) Guarantee that ensures any institution in Ontario reporting cancers to CCO will remain in compliance. We have been able to help many institutions achieve 100% compliance, including:

Agile Author

Agile Author is a software application that permits institutions to make their own modifications to existing xPert Products.

Agile Author utilizes a unique and simple-to-use interface that allows easy adoption. Non-technical users can become Knowledge Engineers quickly and efficiently. The speed and flexibility required to handle ongoing changes to best practices and protocols is a core benefit of product and architecture.

View of Screencast Demo of Agile Author.

Following an Agile Author training session, your institution's personnel will become xPert Knowledge Engineers. Knowledge Engineers are able to:

  • modify existing checklists to modify and create new sections
  • import your hospitals' existing paper or electronic checklists
  • create default selections and automated calculations
  • create logic to capture required diagnosis and billing codes
  • personalize the final report format