mTuitive, Inc. Acquires AccuCore Group, LLC for peer review and QA

Boston, MA - It was announced today that mTuitive, Inc., the global leader in synoptic reporting solutions, has acquired Pennsylvania-based company AccuCore. AccuCore's products, which include pathology peer review and quality assurance, will soon be added to mTuitive's offerings of solutions to facilities and labs worldwide. The same values of constantly updated content, easy to use interfaces, and seamless workflow integration that exist in all of mTuitive's products will be carried over into AccuCore's and be sold under the mTuitive banner. mTuitive’s reputation for outstanding service and support has contributed to the success of the popular synoptic reporting solution, CAP eFRM™, and will do the same for AccuCore’s line of products.

"We are immensely excited about this acquisition," said John Murphy, CEO and President of mTuitive, Inc. "By adding AccuCore's products to our line of offerings to pathologists we will bolster the pathologist's and laboratory's ability to comply with requirements for QA and peer review, something with which many labs struggle."

With this acquisition, mTuitive will now offer even more solutions for the needs of pathologists to meet specific requirements for compliance while also improving efficiency and accountability.

“Since our inception, AccuCore has strived to become a weave-in-the-fabric of the lab community. We’ve been proud that our extensive lab quality suite has led the market with quality and compliance automation. This acquisition will allow us to scale more efficiently, providing more features to keep our leadership position as well as provide additional infrastructure for effective support. We look forward to joining the mTuitive team," said Philip Abrams, EVP for AccuCore Group, LLC.

The addition of these products to mTuitive's robust reporting solutions will help integrate pathology needs to ensure a seamless workflow that will manage specimen reporting, peer review of specimens, and quality assurance of specimen reporting. The solutions also integrate with all LIS and EHR systems to make the process as easy and as efficient as possible, while extending functionality of legacy systems.

To learn more about mTuitive's new offerings and how they can help your facility, please contact mTuitive today.

About mTuitive, Inc.
mTuitive, Inc. develops data capture and synoptic reporting software to assist health care professionals in recording clinical findings and maintaining compliance with established protocols and guidelines. mTuitive's unique method of capturing structured information provides valuable data for pathology, surgery, oncology, and cancer staging applications. These products allow the clinical decision maker to conveniently receive alerts and reference materials directly at the point of care. mTuitive solutions improve care to the patient through quality assurance and error reduction while standardizing and automating manual reporting processes, reducing both time and labor costs. To learn more, visit or follow mTuitive on Twitter at @mTuitive.