Survey Results About Structured Vascular Reporting


Without replacing your EMR, would you consider customizing it for vascular surgery? The answer probably won't surprise you. The amount of people who haven't just might.

In conjunction with the annual Society of Vascular Surgery meeting, we conducted two separate surveys to help us in the marketing of our new vascular surgery operative reporting services. We have combined the results into a single summary to simplify distribution.

Here are the survey highlights:

  • More than 50% of surgeons responding do not know what it costs to transcribe an operative report, code the report for billing or know how long it takes to generate a claim. The majority of respondents who were somewhat aware of these costs estimated that transcription and coding (combined) would exceed $6 per procedure.
  • Surgeons were unanimous on two points: The algorithmic checklist approach would save time over current reporting methods and would improve the VQI data submission process.
  • 40% acknowledged that studies have shown that vascular surgeons lose more than 20% of legitimate charges because they are not recorded, meaning 60% had no idea. For those surgeons who actually viewed the demonstration, 75% felt that the checklist would reduce the level of lost charges.
  • With respect to usability, all surgeons felt that the application could be used without training. 85% percent of these surveyed would consider customizing their EHR's for vascular surgery.

The vascular OpNote service is designed to customize your electronic medical record rather than replace it. Designed by a frustrated a vascular surgeon, the service uses a series of algorithmic checklists to document specific data elements for each vascular procedure. In turn, the structured responses invoke rules for auto-coding, report distribution and quality data submission.

A web-based service means that there is no software installation or annoying updates. A web service provides immediate access anywhere with an internet connection, including from your tablet or smart phone. The monthly fee includes compliance with coding and quality indicator changes. The service includes our application program interface (API) or auto-fax capability to integrate with your EMR. Response-driven images graphically communicate procedure details to dialysis labs, nephrologists, PCP’s and others. A patient version, complete with instructions, is provided. Immediate sign out accelerates the revenue cycle. The algorithmic checklist ensures report completion, charge capture and data validation. The service can be cancelled at any time.