CAP eFRM named MEDITECH’s Recommended Solution for Synoptic Reporting in Pathology

Boston, MA - After cementing interface protocols for a seamless integration, the College of American Pathologists’ electronic Forms and Reporting Module (CAP eFRM) is MEDITECH's recommended synoptic reporting solution for pathology. CAP eFRM ensures that pathologists will remain compliant with American College of Surgeons (ACoS) and CAP requirements for synoptic cancer reporting.

Developed in partnership between the CAP and mTuitive, CAP eFRM™ is a software application that will integrate the latest CAP Cancer Protocol case summary reports into existing AP-LIS report workflows delivering consistent, reliable, and comprehensive cancer reporting.

CAP eFRM helps ensure cancer report completion through automated protocol content updates, assisting laboratories in their daily workflow and compliance with both the American College of Surgeons - Commission on Cancer and the CAP Laboratory Accreditation Program.

"We are incredibly proud to be aligned with MEDITECH in any capacity," said mTuitive's CEO John Murphy. "Our co-founder, Dr. William O'Toole, was the first pathologist to ever use a MEDITECH system, back in 1969, so we are very aware of the company's tradition of offering excellent laboratory solutions to pathologists. We are pleased to work with them on delivering quality reports in a timely fashion."

CAP eFRM now has a consistent manner for interfacing with all MEDITECH laboratory information systems (LIS). For pathologists looking to capture vital cancer data while adhering to CAP Cancer Protocols, CAP eFRM is the dynamic, affordable, and now integrated solution for laboratories.

“We couldn’t be happier to continue our longstanding relationship with the CAP and mTuitive,” said Lawrence O’Toole, associate vice president at MEDITECH. “The efficiency of CAP eFRM provides our customers with a strategic pathway to submit data to the required agencies and remain compliant with the current mandates.”

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