OpNote Vascular and Vidistar, LLC partnership announced

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Made by and for Vascular Surgeons, OpNote Vascular, powered by mTuitive, is proud to announce its partnership with Vidistar.

BOSTON, MA - It was announced today that mTuitive, Inc. and VidiStar, LLC have entered into a partnership in the outpatient vascular surgery space. Working together, the two companies offer robust solutions to vascular surgeons, outpatient endovascular facilities, and others looking for an expert PACS system and dynamic operative reporting solution. Both companies share a vendor agnostic approach to working with practices' EMRs and believe in a web-based approach to offering their products to users where ever they wish to use it, whenever they wish to use it. The two will be presenting together at the 2015 annual meeting of the Outpatient Endovascular and Interventional Society (OEIS). April 10-12.

ABOUT VIDISTAR, LLC VidiStar, LLC, based in Greenville, SC (USA), has developed a web-based diagnostic viewer and patented structured reporting solution (US Pat. No. 8,200,505) for medical imaging products based on the Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine (DICOM) standard. VidiStar's technology enables physicians and health care providers the ability to read and interpret diagnostic studies over local and wide area networks for timely interpretation, distribution, and improved patient diagnosis. VidiStar has extensive experience in integrating with other picture archiving and communications system (PACS) companies as well as electronic health/medical record vendors. Learn more at www.vidistar.com.

ABOUT mTUITIVE, INC. mTuitive, Inc. develops data capture and synoptic reporting software to assist health care professionals in recording clinical findings and maintaining compliance with established protocols and guidelines. mTuitive's unique method of capturing structured information provides valuable data for pathology, surgery, oncology, and cancer staging applications. These products allow the clinical decision maker to conveniently receive alerts and reference materials directly at the point of care. mTuitive solutions improve care to the patient through quality assurance and error reduction while standardizing and automating manual reporting processes, reducing both time and labor costs.

Here is a brief video demonstrating OpNote for Vascular Procedures in action:

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