Three Features Surgeons Will Love

Start Over, Change Procedure, Repeat Procedure

Usability is our number one priority at mTuitive. (Our original slogan was "Usability by Design!") So when we kept hearing three requests from our surgeons recently, we looked at what was bothering them and quickly designed and developed three new features that we think smoothly address their problems.

Wrong Default?

We know that no surgeon would ever hit the wrong button! But occasionally we do get a call asking how to start over if someone selects the wrong default report. The old workaround was to delete the report and start over — cumbersome, and even trickier if the report was an amendment. Now, simply click "Wrong Default?" at the bottom of the screen and select the default you really want to use.

Start Over With a New Default Report Dialog Box
Change Procedure

Sometimes, you want to select a slightly different procedure code to describe the operation performed, but your usual description is still adequate or only needs minor edits. In this case, you don't want to return to the procedures screen to modify the list of operations performed and then have to re-do the description. For this reason, there is now a "change" link right next to the procedure above its operative description. Click it to load the procedure chooser on the right hand side of the screen. Selecting a new procedure changes the existing one in place, and keeps the operative description exactly as it was.

Links to change or repeat a procedure in OpNote

Office staff will also like this feature when helping surgeons complete amendments because they can quickly change to the desired code without modifying the surgeon's description, and then send it back to the surgeon for signout.

Repeat Procedure

Another common frustration occurs when surgeons may perform the same procedure multiple times. For example, a procedure may be performed on 1 to 5 fingers. In this case, it is annoying to have to keep a default report around for every possibility. Now, you can just have 1 and click "repeat" next to the procedure to add a copy of the procedure and its operative description right in the report.

We're Listening

Please contact us using live chat while you are using the product, or by email or phone (508-771-5800) and let us know what other new features would make signing out operative reports (even) easier for you. In the meantime, check out these hot new features!