Piedmont Outpatient Surgery Center Selects SourcePlus OpNote

Electronic operative report replaces dictation & transcription

Boston, MA - Piedmont Outpatient Surgery Center (POSC) in Winston-Salem, North Carolina chose SourcePlus OpNote for its operative reporting needs. POSC has been using OpNote to complete over 600 reports, immediately signing them out and sending them back into SourceMedical's Vision EHR. POSC is North Carolina's first physician-owned surgery center that specializes in ear, nose and throat procedures. By adopting the web-based postoperative report, POSC is able to complete reports faster, at a lower cost than dictation, and get the reports out for reimbursement faster.

"Piedmont chose Sourceplus Opnote because of the thoroughness of the report it produces and because of the simplicity of the program," says Piedmont Outpatient Surgery Center's administrator, Brandi Cunningham, RN, BSN, BA, MHA, MBA. "One of the challenges in healthcare is meeting all of the regulatory requirements. OpNote helps our facility meet those requirements by providing a quick and easy template for the surgeons to complete their operative notes. Since our facility went live with OpNote, we have seen a decrease in the amount of time operative notes were completed; this lag went from as much as a couple of weeks to now almost all of the surgeons are completing their operative notes immediately after the surgery is done. As the administrator of the facility, I can see any operative notes that have not been signed out, look for items that need to be corrected in the operative note, and send an amendment to the surgeon if there are corrections that need to be made. Furthermore, the facility's claims can be sent out within 24 hours from the day of surgery because of the timeliness of completion as well as the easy accessibility of the operative note."

Ms. Cunningham goes on to explain, "the professionals at Sourceplus Opnote were a vital part of the facility's decision to choose OpNote. They have provided unlimited support and training to the staff and surgeons. The response time is better than any company I have ever been in contact with."

"At Piedmont Outpatient Surgery Center, we have been pleasantly surprised with the OpNote program," says Dr. John C. Britt, MD, a surgeon and physician owner at POSC. "For routine operations, use of the default templates is faster than regular voice dictation. For more complicated procedure notes, OpNote interfaces perfectly with Dragon voice recognition to allow maximum flexibility in producing the note. The support staff is much more responsive than I am used to from using other EHR systems and they will help you customize OpNote for your particular needs. It will produce a procedure note with diagnosis codes and CPT codes which greatly facilitates billing, and the notes are organized in a searchable database which facilitates future retrieval and internal audits."

For its part, mTuitive is thrilled to work with Ms. Cunningham, Dr. Britt, and everyone else at Piedmont. "We're extremely proud to be associated with a facility like Piedmont," says John Murphy, CEO and co-founder of mTuitive. "Piedmont is known for the quality of care it provides for its patients - we're glad we can help improve the workflow in any way for these great physicians."

To learn more about Piedmont Outpatient Surgery Center, please visit their site.

To find out more about OpNote, please visit http://www.mtuitive.com/opnote/ or contact mTuitive today at http://www.mtuitive.com/contact-us/.

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