New: OpNotes as Word Documents

We've had several surgeons ask if they can download their completed operative reports as Word documents rather than PDFs. Some EMRs only allow Word uploads and some offices just prefer this format. Last Friday we shipped this feature in OpNote.

As a user, you'll see this option in several places.

Signed out reports have PDF and Word download icons on their summary cards. For PDF, this is a change from the text link "pdf" to a familiar graphical icon. You don't need to open the report to download in either format. Simply click on either icon to download the report in the desired format.

A signed out opnote with Word and PDF download options

In addition, we've offered the ability to batch download all reports for a date of service in a zip file. This option now has PDF and Word flavors, as well:

Batch download all reports for a date of service as a zip of PDF or Word docs

Lastly, the final report page displays a link to download the Word document below the existing option to download the PDF.

Final report screen with new Word download option

As always, you don't need to do anything to upgrade; new features appear automatically thanks to our hosted, software-as-a-service delivery.

We hope you find the Word download useful! We always try to find ways to make life easier for our customers. If there are other formats that would help you with your own workflow, please let us know.