Rouge Valley Health System Wins Award from ImagineNation Outcomes

Third mTuitive Customer to Win the Award

Boston, MA - mTuitive, the leading provider for synoptic reporting solutions, congratulates Rouge Valley Health System (RVHS) after it was announced that they had won the third Early Adopter Award from ImagineNation Outcomes Challenge. As outlined in e-Echo, the Rouge Valley Health System's newsletter, ImagineNation "looks to promote the use of innovative solutions in health care information and communication technologies (ICT), with the potential to improve health care quality and the patient experience in Canada." By using mTuitive's xPert for Pathology, RVHS qualified for the Clinical Synoptic Reporting aspect of the ImagineNation challenge, which is sponsored by Canada Health Infoway.

RVHS received $5,000 for submitting their application before the December 15, 2011. In addition to the form, Rouge Valley included an excellent video explaining the benefits of structured data, the goals of electronic reporting, and the ease of using synoptic interfaces in their work. Here's the video, featuring Manager of Laboratory Services Sharon Howe, Laboratory Applications Analyst Debra McLeod and Pathologist Dr. Helena Haile Meskel:

Also in that edition of e-Echo, Akilah Dressekie, Senior Communications Specialist for RVHS, extended

a special thank you to each of the staff and physicians who helped to produce the video: Jeff Hohenkerk, director, diagnostic imaging and laboratory services; Sharon Howe, RVC lab manager; Dr. Helena Haile Meskel, pathologist; Deb McLeod, lab applications analyst; Peter Chai, assistant, diagnostic imaging/ Lab; Sabir Kazmi, pathology transcriptions; and Nicholas Smith, corporate communications coordinator.

Rouge Valley Health System is the third mTuitive customer to win an Early Adopter award from ImagineNation Outcomes Challenge. This means that all three Early Adopter awards given out for the Clinical Synoptic Reporting category have been claimed by mTuitive users. mTuitive works with the sites to prep their application and video and will assist each facility as it continues to progress through the challenge timeline.

Debra McLeod, Laboratory Applications Analyst, emailed the following to mTuitive, sharing her thoughts on the ImagineNation process and working with mTuitive:

I would like to thank the mTuitive team for their assistance and support not only in helping us with the winning video submission for the ImagineNation Challenge but also during and after the implementation of the mTuitive synoptic report templates for Synoptic Reporting. The mTuitive solution is excellent for those institutions that have limited LIS resources. mTuitive keeps abreast of the changing requirements, updates their templates appropriately and further adapts them to each organization's reporting requirements. The templates are fairly easy for the user in that required data fields are clearly indicated and the user just has to click on the most appropriate entry for each element. Customer support is excellent, they respond to and resolve problems very quickly. Thank you mTuitive!
Thank you, Ms. McLeod, for being an exemplary user and a great ambassador for synoptic reporting. Congratulations again to you and everyone else at Rouge Valley Health System!

To learn more about mTuitive solutions, please visit our website or contact mTuitive today at Or if you are interested in registering for the ImagineNation Outcomes Challenge, please visit this page and fill out the form and we'll be happy to help you qualify for the awards.

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