mTuitive Congratulates Integrated Hospital Laboratories Service Windsor Essex on ImagineNation Award

Second mTuitive Customer to Win Early Adopter Award

Boston, MA - mTuitive, the leading provider for synoptic reporting solutions, congratulates Integrated Hospital Laboratories (IHL) Service Windsor Essex after it was announced that IHL Windsor Essex had won the second Early Adopter Award from ImagineNation Outcomes Challenge. Sponsored by Canada Health Infoway, the challenge encourages, tracks and rewards usage of health information technology throughout Canada. IHL Windsor Essex qualified for the Clinical Synoptic Reporting aspect of the ImagineNation challenge by using mTuitive's xPert for Pathology product.

Located in Windsor, Ontario, Integrated Hospital Laboratories Service Windsor Essex consists of laboratories from Hotel Dieu Grace Hospital, Windsor Regional Hospital and Leamington District Memorial Hospital. mTuitive worked with IHL Windsor Essex to prepare its application - detailing the parameters of the project and outlining how xPert for Pathology would address key issues of structured reporting laid out in the challenge's rules. A random drawing was held and IHL Windsor Essex was awarded $5,000 just for registering early. Collaborating with mTuitive, IHL Windsor Essex produced a concise video offering an informative overview of how xPert for Pathology's synoptic pathology reports are beneficial to organizations and lab workers alike.

The ImagineNation Outcomes Challenge aims to "accelerate the use and spread of innovative solutions in health care information and communication technologies...with the potential to improve health care quality and the patient experience in Canada." Health providers are encouraged to sign up for the outcomes challenge by filling out a short application and submitting a brief video detailing the method used to conform to synoptic reporting standards.

For other healthcare providers, please note: There is one (1) more Early Adopter Award drawing scheduled - with a firm deadline of December 15th. Sites can win $5,000 by submitting their application prior to the December 15th deadline.

There are subsequent awards handed out throughout the two year process - potentially adding up to $110,000 in total. Sites need only fill out the application and monitor usage of the solutions - the more people use the reporting solution, the more likely the sites are to receive the awards. And for those sites already using an mTuitive solution, expanding the number of users or adopting other mTuitive synoptic reporting solutions (like our Gross pathology, Dx pathology or OpNote products) will also help them potentially win the award.

mTuitive does not and will not directly participate in the financial awards provided by the program. mTuitive is not associated with ImagineNation Challenges or with Canada Health Infoway.

Congratulations again to Integrated Hospital Laboratories Service Windsor Essex for winning the $5,000 Early Adopter Award. mTuitive hopes they have continued success with the ImagineNation Outcomes Challenge and looks forward to working with them throughout the duration of this initiative.

To learn more about mTuitive solutions, please visit our website or contact mTuitive today at Or if you are interested in registering for the ImagineNation Outcomes Challenge, please visit this page and fill out the form and we'll be happy to help you qualify for the awards.

Remember: the next deadline to qualify for $5,000 in Early Adopter awards (not to mention the $110,000 for the entire project) is DECEMBER 15th, so contact us immediately if you are interested.

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