Ontario Hospitals Achieve 90% Completeness & Synoptic Rates with mTuitive

Using xPert for Pathology, Canadian Sites Move "Out of Warranty"

Boston, MA - mTuitive, the leading provider for synoptic reporting solutions, announced today that multiple customers have moved "out of warranty" with Ontario pathology reporting standards. "Out of warranty" is a status given to hospitals once they have achieved 90% completeness and synoptic rates. The Canadian sites were able to do this by using mTuitive's xPert for Pathology product.

The sites that achieved "out of warranty" status using mTuitive pathology reporting solutions are:

  • Cambridge Memorial Hospital
  • Humber River Regional Hospital
  • Niagara Health System
  • North York General Hospital
  • Ross Memorial Hospital
  • Rouge Valley Health System
  • Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre
  • Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre
  • William Osler Health Centre
  • Windsor Regional Health

In fact, xPert has proven so effective that over half of all hospitals deemed "out of warranty" are mTuitive users.

When a site achieves "out of warranty" status, they are taken off the monitor by Ontario's Quality Assurance team and the registry indicates the site can work independently. The pathology departments of these sites are using mTuitive's xPert solutions to capture important cancer data that will inform treatments of patients in the future. These sites are aiding in the burgeoning field of evidence-based medicine by using mTuitive's synoptic reports. And, since they are using xPert so often and so well, these sites are now able to move "out of warranty." mTuitive's xPert solutions produce comprehensive reports that conform to protocols without adding any burden to the time or workflow of pathologists.

To learn more about mTuitive solutions, please visit our website or contact mTuitive today at http://www.mtuitive.com/contact-us/.

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