Using OpNote in Surgical Outcomes Research

Examining the Role of Surgical Objectives in Patients' Outcomes

Boston, MA - In the latest Becker's Hospital Site Review, readers can find a great piece by Dr. Jared Ament that asks if surgical objectives are important enough to document?

Dr. Ament used mTuitive OpNote as an example of an electronic way to easily and effectively capture important information for outcomes measurement and surgical research. But, Dr. Ament asks, should the original surgical objectives of those procedures be included in that research? What insight can be gained from comparing the objective with the outcome? What harm could come from documenting the original intent?

Dr. Ament, writing about comparing treatment options and studying surgical outcomes, states that

The happenings of the operating room can no longer parallel that of a secret society: we ought to compare patient quality of life indices (pre- and post-operatively) to surgeons' perspectives, successes, failures and/or compromises that occur in the operating room. Were the predetermined operative objective(s) achieved? Are qualitative and quantitative scales available to determine if aspects of the operations, successes and/or failures, affect outcome?"

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