Rockside Road Surgery Center Selects SourcePlus OpNote

Web-based operative report delivers short learning curve with immediate benefits

Boston, MA - Rockside Road Surgery Center of Independence, OH has chosen SourcePlus OpNote for its operative reporting needs. OpNote, the web-based electronic operative report powered by mTuitive, allows for surgeons to quickly generate comprehensive operative reports while ensuring completeness and accuracy. As a result of its partnership with SourceMedical, mTuitive has integrated with Rockside Road's scheduling system, SurgiSource, allowing for a quick and seamless process for the surgeons using OpNote.

"Nothing in my experience has made such a significant positive impact in cash flow as SourcePlus OpNote," states Dr. David Grischkan, MD. Dr. Grischkan is not only the chair of the surgery center, but he also performs surgery at Rockside Road. With OpNote, he is now able to generate reports for his many surgeries in a matter of a few seconds as opposed to many minutes. The total time from incision to the start of billing is now minutes instead of days.

"The real benefit is the tremendous improvement in cash flow resulting from a more rapid billing process driven by a much quicker reporting process," says Dr. Grischkan. "With OpNote, I complete operative notes and sign them online in a seamless, effortless manner - in a fraction of the time compared to verbal dictation."

OpNote produces a complete synoptic report with all of the most important information, plainly displayed for better understanding of the procedure. The report also contains correct procedural and diagnosis codes that, when coupled with the structured format of the report, greatly accelerate the coding and billing process. OpNote can be accessed from computers at the Surgery Center, the physicians' offices or homes, while also working on touchscreens and tablets, such as Apple's iPad.

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