Print Daily OpNotes at Once

New Feature!

We update OpNote with new features and improvements on a monthly basis. One of the new features we recently published is "Batch Printing." Batch Printing allows appropriate personnel to easily print out all of the operative reports created that day with one button. Your reports remain in electronic format in our system and can be integrated with the EHR/database that you use. BUT, for those that need to file or fax hard copies, this allows for one quick and easy step to generate paper versions of reports created with OpNote.

To use this feature:

  • In your browser - Log In to OpNote:

  • Logging in to OpNote

  • From your dashboard - Go to Signed Out page, where you can find all signed out reports. Do this by clicking "Signed Out" in the top banner:

  • User's Dashboard. Select "Signed Out" from Top Banner

  • On Signed Out Page - Next to the date there's a link that reads "Download All" - click on that.

  • Click "Download All" to create 1 giant pdf of reports for printing

One large PDF document with all of the days' reports is generated. Print out that PDF document (containing multiple reports) and you can now begin faxing/filing as need be for all of the reports.