Sunquest and mTuitive Integrated Anatomic Pathology/Synoptic Reporting Solution Receives Certification from Cancer Care Ontario

North York Hospital & Sunnybrook Health Sciences Center First to Receive CCO Validation

Tucson, AZ - Sunquest Information Systems, Inc., a market leader in laboratory information systems, and mTuitive, Inc., a leader in synoptic reporting and structured data capture, today announced that the integrated solution of Sunquest's CoPathPlusTM Anatomic Pathology System (versions 2.5 and higher) and the mTutive xPertTM for Pathology synoptic reporting solution (versions 1.0.5 and higher, now currently on 3.0) have been certified by Cancer Care Ontario (CCO) authorizing them as a vendor that can assist Ontario hospitals with meeting CCO's 2008-2009 CAP/CS aligned data standards for pathology reporting. This new integration with mTuitive will give Sunquest CoPathPlus users an industry-first seamless integration solution between LIS, anatomic pathology, and an expert system for synoptic reporting. Hospitals that are CCO-validated are eligible for funding reimbursements to offset the costs of implementing this solution.

North York Hospital of Toronto was the first joint Sunquest/mTuitive client to be certified by CCO in September 2008. Sunnybrook Health Sciences Center of Toronto will be certified in the Fall of 2008.

Standardized pathology reporting increases the availability and consistency of cancer pathology information that is essential for treatment decisions, evaluation and research. Over the past two years, CCO has made substantial progress working with hospitals. In an effort to continue to support them, CCO has developed a process to certify specific vendor solutions against defined reporting standards. The certification of a vendor solution is the first step to validating that it can be implemented or enhanced to assist the hospitals in meeting the new standards.

mTuitive complies with the 2008-2009 CAP/CS aligned data standards developed by Cancer Care Ontario in conjunction with the College of American Pathologists (CAP) Cancer Committee, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the American Joint Committee on Cancer. The CAP checklists&sub1; for breast, lung, colorectal, prostate and endometrium were amended to include the mandatory pathological collaborative staging elements.

About Cancer Care Ontario: Cancer Care Ontario is the provincial agency responsible for continually improving cancer services. As the government's cancer advisor, Cancer Care Ontario works to reduce the number of people diagnosed with cancer and make sure that patients receive better care every step of the way.

About Sunquest Information Systems, Inc.: Sunquest Information Systems, Inc., is a global market leader in clinical data management solutions with more than 1,200 hospitals and commercial laboratories using its products worldwide. The company is dedicated to providing best-of-suite solutions that enable quality patient care, clinical safety, and operational efficiencies. Its experienced sales and technical service teams deliver 24x7 assistance to customers for their procurement, implementation, and customer care needs. The Sunquest LaboratoryTM system achieved "Best in KLAS" in the Laboratory Segment for 2007, which was its fourth consecutive year (KLAS Enterprises, LLC, Sunquest's professional services division provides a wide array of management and technical tools, including lab redesign and optimization, outreach and lab network program development, and operational business and implementation plans. For more information, call 800-748-0692 or visit:

About mTuitive: mTuitive, Inc. develops data capture and synoptic reporting software to assist health care professionals in recording clinical findings and maintaining compliance with established protocols and guidelines. Our unique method of capturing structured information provides valuable data for pathology, oncology, and cancer staging applications. Established in 2003, mTuitive, Inc. is based in Massachusetts.

1. This material includes the Cancer Checklists and Cancer Protocols which are copyrighted works of the College of American Pathologists . Encoded within the Checklists are portions of the copyrighted work of the International Health Terminology Standards Development Organization, SNOMED CT. 1998-2007 IHTSDO. The Cancer Checklists and Cancer Protocols are used with permission of the College of American Pathologists - which has also authorized use of SNOMED CT as encoded in the Checklists.

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