Surgical pathologists and their departments use mTuitive for synoptic reporting and structured data capture. The system provides expert guidance and error checks based on standard, best-of-breed, or homegrown protocols.

mTuitive has templates available for Cancer Reporting, Gross Pathology, and all Final Diagnoses. These templates currently cover over 95% of all potential surgical pathology cases, with more being created all the time.

The mTuitive program has been a valuable tool added to our pathology practice. It allows us to report on cancer parameters in the most up to date and standardized way, which in turn helps facilitate appropriate patient management and foster a team-based approach to cancer care.

Dr. Joseph Wasielewski, Chief of Pathology and Medical Director of the TBRHSC lab

mTuitive OpNote

OpNote is a web-based postoperative report that eliminates dictation and transcription while accelerating the revenue cycle by providing correct procedural codes, quality indicators, and immediate sign out.

Faster and easier than dictation, OpNote is a cost reducing solution that accelerates reporting and limits liability due to incomplete documentation. Improve communication with patients and referring physicians while accelerating reimbursement and expediting research—all with one solution!

Surgeons need to know how important it is to collect data this way. You're not just dictating your operative report so you have something in the hospital chart—everybody’s looking at this stuff now. OpNote is how the surgical report should be created.

Deanna Attai, MD

Build Your Own!

Often, people are looking for reporting solutions and want to collect structured data. That's where mTuitive comes in. By combining your domain expertise with our experience in crafting efficient software applications, we create intuitive reporting solutions that work best for you.

Transform any reporting process into a standardized system with unified answers and faster information delivery. With us, data becomes actionable. You can use this data to simultaneously improve workflow and promote best practices.

The mTuitive program is simple to use and adds comprehensive value to our reports. AJCC inspector was quite impressed with our computer linked reporting system.

Dr. Paul Cook, Phelps County Regional Medical Center


mTuitive's Quality Suite empowers labs to take control of quality assurance through peer review, equipment monitoring, specimen tracking, and more. Save time, money, and energy with an easy-to-use system that encompasses multiple facets of laboratory workflow.

Take the mystery out of inspections by being prepared with dashboards that track individual and departmental goals and standards. Enforce unified policies and procedures to ensure that everything meets the criteria you need for excellence in your lab.

[With mTuitive, pathologists] are doing Peer Review in a more timely fashion, getting them done within the month. In the past, it might have even taken as long as two years.

Nancy Willis, AU Medical Center AP Lab

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Healthcare organizations require instantaneous availability of accurate information. mTuitive uniquely combines knowledge delivery, decision assistance, and electronic capture of discrete data elements into a coherent process for its users.

Our solutions yield more informed decisions, eliminate wasted resources, and make information instantly accessible to the people who need it.

Our intelligent, easy-to-use, flexible user interfaces simplify data entry and compliance while ensuring that users comply with guidelines set forth by standards committees and internal departments.

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